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We are a company with professional post constriction cleaning Services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NEW MEXICO!
We’ll make the site look better upon completion. Give us a call today!
Before we leave, we will ensure that your home is clean, stunning, odor-free and fresh.
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About Us

ABQ Post Construction Cleaning understands that every post construction cleaning is unique.
Whether you need our services for extreme post construction conditions or just a touch-up cleaning, we can do it! Our team of professional cleaners will be there to get the job done. Spend your time considering the next step for your home and let us take care of the clean up!

Graffiti Removal

Seeing graffiti may bring up concerns among prospective clients and customers as they may wonder if the area is home to criminal activity and whether it is safe to visit. Furthermore, neglecting to clean up graffiti could have a negative impact on your overall property value. Reassure your patrons and preserve your commercial investment with graffiti removal in Albuquerque Rio Rancho NEW MEXICO.

Roof Cleaning

Your home’s roof endures a lot: dirt, moss, and algae build up on its surface throughout the year, causing deterioration and possible problems later-on. It is integral to routinely clean your roof to prevent degradation and improve your property’s curb appeal. If you are in the market to sell your home, a dirty or unkempt roof can actually make it harder to sell a property. Consider professional roof cleaning in Albuquerque Rio Rancho NEW MEXICO to be an investment in the value of your home.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Clean up your sidewalks in the Albuquerque Rio Rancho NEW MEXICO area today; Abq Post Construction Cleaning uses state of the art equipment and have the expertise to get your sidewalks clean and restored. Furthermore, Abq Post Construction Cleaning offers free estimates for sidewalk cleaning– and all their pressure washing services- for prospective customers in Albuquerque Rio Rancho NEW MEXICO.

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    ABQ Post Construction Cleaning

    With your Trustworthy team, we can take care of:

    • All inside windows, including the cleaning and removal of post construction labels, paint, and stains
    • All doors, window tracks, and sills
    • Vacuuming and handwashing all hard floor surfaces
    • Cabinets and vanities, inside and out
    • Closets, shelves, spindles, and railings
    • Countertops, mirrors, and sinks
    • Removing debris and vacuuming out floor registers
    • Fireplaces, appliances, and light fixtures
    • Wall tiles, tubs, and bath fixtures
    • Damaged areas for repair

    What are the Benefits of Using our ABQ Post Construction Cleaning Services?

    We provide all cleaners, vacuum, mops, etc. We will only charge you for time spent. You will receive a phone call when the maids arrive if the cleaning time exceeds our estimate.

    1. Don’t worry about leftover materials

    We can help sort excess materials. During our cleaning service, any post construction materials that can still be used will be kept in storage while others are thrown away.

    2. Safe waste disposal

    Construction uses a lot of building materials that require a certain kind of disposal. We have trained workers who know how to dispose of post construction chemicals and materials throughout their cleaning service. We work to ensure that not only we are helping you out, but are also keeping you and your family safe.

    3. The Right cleaning process

    If you want to take care of new walls, freshly waxed floors, new windows, and new paint, be careful: you might just end up tarnishing them. Our cleaning crew has cleaned hundreds of new buildings. We know how to properly clean and handle your new building.

    4. Less hassle

    If you’re moving into a brand new building or just trying to wrap up a construction job, stop. Instead of handling the post construction cleaning yourself, let someone else handle it for a change with our professional service. This gives you less hassle to deal with, giving you time to focus on your project.

    Why Should You Hire ABQ Post Construction Cleaning For Your Job?

    1. Communication is Key:

    On all jobs we emphasis on figuring out what our priority is and how to make sure you and your client is satisfied. We understand not every job and situation is created equal and in the cases where there are difficulties and where more attention or work need to be done to reach near perfection we will let you know exactly what needs to be done.

    2. Knowledge & Experience:

    Our Team have been through many different difficult construction clean up situations and have been through tremendous amounts of chemical trainings. We have the know how and experience to clean any post construction clean up job without damage to your property.

    3. References and Reviews:

    Over the years we have worked with many contractors and homeowners, they have left hundreds of reviews online showing their gratitude. We are very proud of this and it shows our hard work.